Vol. 6, No. 1, March 2015
ISSN 2278-2281(Online Version)






Effects of plant leaf extract against Colletotrichum gloeosporioides (Penz) Sac. causing post-harvest disease of papaya
Rahul Ravneel Prasad and Anamika

A brief study on the gene responsible for scent in the black scented rice cultivar Chakhao Poireiton
Ibemhal D Asem, RK Imotomba, PB Mazumder, JM Laishram

Medicinal wealth of Assam used against menstrual or women periodical diseases by Assamese
Rupa Kalita

Role of slope angle on decomposition of crop residues in a jhum fallow in Mizoram, NE India
Lalbiakdiki Royte and Angom Sarjubala Devi

Length-weight relationship and condition factor of an endangered Catfish, Ompok bimaculatus (Bloch, 1794) of Tripura, India
Samir Malla and S Banik

Tacca chantrieri André (Taccaceae): A beautiful ornamental flora recorded as a new for India
S Baruah, J Sarma and SK Borthakur

A check list of fish species diversity of Sone Beel, the biggest wetland in Assam
Romen Singh Ngasepam, M Shomorendra and Devashish Kar

Aboriginal traditional methods used by the Santhal Tribe in Hooghly District of West Bengal, India
A Maji and S Pathak

An improved protocol for multiple shoot regeneration from seedling and mature explants of Citrus macroptera Mont.
Chesam Samila, Ibemhal D Asem, Khangembam Sarda, Ahongsangbam Kiran Singh and J M Laishram

NeBIO 6(1) March 2015