Vol. 6, No. 3, September 2015
ISSN 2278-2281(Online Version)



Evaluation of SATOYAMA – human and nature coexistence system-in applying Satoyama Agricultural Development Tool (SADT) and Happiness Survey in Sabah State, Malaysia
Kazunobu Suzuki, Devon Dublin, Nobuyuki Tsuji and Mitsuru Osaki

Soil Carbon Sequestration in homegardens of different age and size in Aizawl district of Mizoram, Northeast India
Soibam Lanabir Singh and Uttam Kumar Sahoo

Analysis of Vegetation in a Representative Temperate Plant Community in Lachung Range of the Sikkim Himalaya
Sanjyoti Subba, Dechen Lachungpa, Sanchi Subba and Sumitra Nepal

Study on abundance of Faunal Diversity in Samarajan wetland, Assam (India)
S Upadhyaya and B Sarmah

Diversity and Distribution of Genus Dioscorea in Sikkim Himalaya, India: an application of DIVA-GIS
Aditya Pradhan, Arun Chettri and Subhankar Gurung

Assessment of the Ecological Status of Mathura Beel, a Flood Plain Wetland in Nadia, West Bengal, India by Using Benthic Macroinvertebrates
Samir Malla and SK Rout

Comparative evaluation and frequency assessment of stomata of the members of the Tribe Paniceae (Poaceae)
S Pathak, S Kar and P Singh

NeBIO 6(3) September 2015