Research Article NeBIO I Vol.9(1) 2018 I Pages 70-92

Floristic composition of Mukurthi National Park: A sky island in the core zone of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve

KAA Kabeer, JV Sudhakar, JH Franklin Benjamin, M Mohanan and GVS Murthy


Mukurthi National Park is located in the core zone of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve. Floristic inventorisation of the National Park was conducted resulting in enumeration of 465 species of angiosperms belonging to 306 genera and 98 families. The presence of 139 endemics is a significant feature, of these 19 are in threatened categories.

KEYWORDS: Mukurthi National Park, Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve, floristics, diversity.

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NeBIO 9(1): Kabeer et al