Research Article NeBIO I Vol.9(1) 2018 I Pages 39-56

Leaf anatomical studies of the genus Festuca L. (Poaceae) in India

Sutrishna Kar, ND Paria and Paramjit Singh


Leaf anatomical studies of 37 investigated taxa of the genus Festuca occurring in India were carried out and provided with brief descriptions, key for identification based on anatomical characters, discussion and diagrammatic representations in respective figures. A total number of ten anatomical characters were mainly considered such as leaf shape in cross section, leaf-blade diameter, number of veins, number of adaxial groove/inner ridges, number of vascular bundles, abaxial sclerenchyma distribution, adaxial sclerenchyma distribution, number of abaxial sclerenchyma strand, adaxial surface and abaxial surface pubescence. Structure and arrangement, distribution of sclerenchymatous tissue as seen in cross sections of leaves were found as being significant diagnostic features. Leaf anatomical studies recognized three types based on the shape of the leaves, shape of the leaves in transverse section. The study of leaf anatomical features aims in the clarification of the taxonomic complexities among the species of Festuca L.

KEYWORDS: Festuca, Poaceae, leaf anatomy, sclerenchymatous tissue.

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NeBIO 9(1): Kar et al