Research Article NeBIO I Vol.9(1) 2018 I Pages 64-69

Documentation and evaluation of the intergeneric relationship of the family Fagaceae from Indian Himalayan Region

Subhajit Lahiri and Ambarish Mukherjee


In the present study, numerical taxonomy approach has been used for genus relationships of Fagaceae. This study examines the patterns of morphological variation and phenetic relationships among 6 genera of Fagaceae from Indian Himalayan Region using 30 vegetative and floral characters. The highest similarities were found between OUT 4 and OUT 6, while the overall similarities between OUT 3 and OUT 4; OUT 4 and OUT 6 are little.

KEY WORDS: Fagaceae, phenetics, intergeneric relationships, India Himalayan Region.

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NeBIO 9(1): Lahiri & Mukherjee