Research Article NeBIO I Vol.9(1) 2018 Pages 18-27

Diversity, distribution pattern and utilization of bamboos in Sikkim

Bishnu Kumar Sharma, Musadiq Hussain Bhat, Mufida Fayaz, Amit Kumar and Ashok Kumar Jain


Out of 30 species recorded from Sikkim, only 3 species (10%) under 2 genera are monopodial type and 27 (90%) species under 8 genera are sympodial type. About 25 species were found in tropical (0-900m), followed by 17 species in subtropical (900-1800m), 8 species in temperate (1800-2700m), 6 species in sub-alpine forests (2700-3500m) and only 3 species in alpine forests (3500-4500m). Sixteen species (53.33%) have been described as wild, nine (30%) as cultivated and five species (16.66%) as both cultivated and wild. The survey revealed that some species are edible, and a good number of species are used for construction, flooring, fencing and for many agriculture purposes. Most commonly used bamboo species are Bambusa nutans, Sinarundinaria hookeriana and Dendrocalamus sikkimensis.

KEYWORDS: Bamboo, culm, Dendrocalamus, North-east, Sikkim, sympodial.

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NeBIO 9(1): Sharma et al