Research Article NeBIO I Vol.9(1) 2018 I Pages 28-35

Nutritional composition and in-vitro digestibility of an underutilized leafy vegetable Talinum triangulare (Jacq.) Wild.

AK Srivastava, Nidhi Gupta and VN Pandey


Expansion of agricultural practices to marginal lands and inclusion of the underutilized plant foods into food basket is expected to solve chronic nutrient deficiency.  There are numerous green leaves in nature which has been incorporated in dietary system in some or other part of the word. Talinum triangulare (Jacq) Wild. of family Talinaceae, is a under-utilized green leafy vegetable. The study was motivated with an idea to evaluate the nutritional potential and its bioavailability by in-vitro enzymatic digestibility of leaves of Talinum triangulare (Jacq.) Wild (Water leaf). The leaves contain 23.6% protein, 14.6% starch, 8.50% crude lipid, 11.0 % fibre, 3900 Kcal/100g energy on dry weight basis energy and a significant amount of minerals viz. calcium (19.7mg/100g), phosphorous (0.46 mg/100g) and iron (0.58 mg/100g). The amino acid profile was found rich for some of the essential amino acids. The in-vitro enzymatic digestibility was 44.9% in pepsin while 68.4% in trypsin. The trypsin inhibition activity (TIA) of lactobacillus coagulated leaf extracts was observed 15.28%. The study indicates that leaves of Talinum triangulare are potential source of nutrients including minerals and can be developed as functional foods.

KEYWORDS: GLVs, nutritional composition, enzymatic digestibility, Trypsin Inhibition activity.

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NeBIO 9(1): Srivastava et al