Research Article I NeBIO I Vol.9(2) 2018 I Pages 212-214

First record of Yellow-bellied Weasel (Mustela kathiah) from Buxa Tiger Reserve, West Bengal, India

Ghose M, Sharma D and Murali NS


The first photographic record of Yellow-bellied Weasel (Mustela kathiah) a rarely seen small carnivore mammal was obtained from a camera-trap, during January-March 2018 in Buxa Tiger Reserve. During field survey on the monitoring of ‘Tigers Co-predators, Prey and Their Habitats’ (Phase IV) in Buxa Tiger Reserve (BTR), under NTCA Guidelines the 760 sq. kms. area was divided in 195 grids for setting up camera traps as part of the field study. Data of this nature collected over a longer time span will clarify the distribution habitat preferences, ecological attributes and population status of small carnivore such as the Yellow-bellied Weasel.

KEYWORDS: Yellow-bellied Weasel, Mustela kathiah, first record, Cameratrap, Buxa Tiger Reserve.

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NeBIO 9(2): Ghose et al