Research Article I NeBIO I Vol.9(2) 2018 I Pages  219-222

A rapid assessment of butterfly diversity around Narora Atomic Power Plant Township, Uttar Pradesh, India

Debanjan Sarkar and R Mandal


Butterflies are known to be a good model for rapid assessment studies because they are widespread, conspicuous, easily detectible and they are very good indicators of forest health too. The objective of this study was to create a preliminary information of butterflies in and around of Narora Township, Uttar Pradesh, carried out in Pre-monsoon period (July 2016) to prepare a checklist of the butterflies of the study area.  Butterflies were documented either by direct observation or by capturing photographs and was identified later. During the study period total 23 butterfly species were recorded belonging to five families Papilionidae (3), Pieridae (9), Nymphalidae (2), Lycanidae (7) and Herperidae (2). Mottled emigrant was (Catopsilia pyranthe Linnaeus, 1758) observed most frequently during the study period. This study provides a baseline information of the butterfly diversity of Narora Atomic Power Plant Township.

KEYWORDS: Butterfly, diversity, Narora, Uttar Pradesh.

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NeBIO 9(2): Sarkar & Mandal