Research Article I NeBIO I Vol.9(2) 2018 I Pages 199-209

Short-term effect of prescribed fire on Pine and Oak dominated forest ecosystems of Pauri Garhwal, India

Snobar Shafi, J.P Mehta, Sharesth Kumari and Pooja Dhiman


An experimental prescribed burning treatment was conducted to analyze the effects on woody vegetation of four forests at Pauri Garhwal. The experiment was designed to compare two burnt (Mandakhal and Adwani forest) and two unburnt (Dandapani and Nagdev forest) of 1 hectare for various attributes of community structure. The density values for different strata were trees (610-1100 trees/ha), saplings (920-2260 sap/ha), seedlings (1900-2440 seedl/ha) and shrubs (5320-10240 shrubs/ha). Distribution pattern was contiguous among Pinus roxburghii dominated forest and random distribution was prevalent among Quercus leucotrichophora forests. Shannon-Wiener diversity index (H¢) was highest for shrubs (3.15) while as Cd was maximum (0.42) for tree strata. The Margalef Index (MI) range from 0.86 to 4.05 and Menhinick’s index (MEI) ranges from 0.48 to 1.41.

KEYWORDS: Forest ecosystem, fire, prescribed burn, community structure, woody vegetation.

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NeBIO 9(2): Shafi et al