Research Article I NeBIO I Vol.9(3) 2018

Some uncommon wild leafy  vegetables consumed by Santhals of Dumka District, Santhal Pargana, Jharkhand

Prabhawati Bodra


Since ancient time, like any other tribe, Santhals are also dependent on nature to fulfill their daily requirements. Year long in almost every season they procure edible fruits, flowers, leaves, yams, bulbs, tubes etc as food artifacts. Collection and consumption of leaves from the wild which are used as vegetables (pot herbs ) in one of the very important means for sustenance and make a supplementary contribution to the diet. Their traditional knowledge makes the Santhals aware of the availability of various species of pot herbs which they timely procure. Tender pot herbs are called “Arak” in Santhali dialect, leaves of certain shrubs and tree’s which are consumed as leafy vegetables are known as “Sakam”. Dumka district has a rich floral diversity and enjoys the existence of varieties of edible leafy vegetables along with other useful wild species. In this study uncommon wild pot herbs are enumerated Vernacular names in Santhali dialect is new information, seasonal availability, habit and habitat of these little known plants is also documented.

KEYWORDS: Santhal, Santhali, Arak , Sakam.

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NeBIO 9(3): Bodra