Research Article I NeBIO I Vol.9(4) 2018 I Pages 314-326

Wild edible plants used by ethnic communities in Kalimpong district of West Bengal, India

Dinesh Bhujel, Geetamani Chhetri and Y.K. Rai


Ethnobotanical studies on wild edible plants of Kalimpong district was carried out during July 2017-August 2018. A total of 86 wild edible plant species belonging to 47 families and 71 genera are enumerated, out of which there are 39 trees, 29 herbs, 11 climbers and 7 shrubs which are used by local people for food and medicine and some are intimately associated with their indigenous traditions and culture. From the market survey it was found that about 53% of these recorded wild edible plants have economic potential and contribute in improving economic status of rural communities.

KEYWORDS: Wild edible plants, traditional knowledge, Kalimpong district, West Bengal.

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NeBIO 9(4): Bhujel et al