Research Article I NeBIO I Vol.10(1) 2019 I Pages 1-4

Infrageneric classification of Festuca L. in India

Sutrishna Kar, N.D. Paria and P. Singh


Festuca L. is one of the largest genera in the grass-family Poaceae accounting for about 640 species distributed in all continents. In India most of the species are found in the higher altitude areas of Eastern and Western Himalayas, North-East India, very often in the inaccessible areas and mostly grows in the moist hill slopes and rock crevices, alpine grasslands.Clayton and Renvoize (1986) had classified the genus Festuca L. into 9 subgenera namely- Drymanthele, Helleria, Hesperochloa, Obtusae, Schedonorous, Subulatae, Festuca, Subuliflorae and Xanthochloa. An Infra-generic classification of the genus Festuca L. in India has been represented here. The following subgenera Drymanthele, Hesperochloa, Schedonorous, Subulatae, Festuca had their representatives in India, of them most of the species (24 species + 2 varieties +1 subspecies) belongs to the Subgenus: Festuca, others (13 species) are included within subgenera: Drymanthele, Hesperochloa, Schedonorous, Subulatae.

KEYWORDS: Poaceae, grasses, infra-generic, Festuca.

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