Research Article I NeBIO I Vol.10(1) 2019 I Pages 17-22

A preliminary investigation on Odonata Fauna in Sunabeda Wildlife Sanctuary, Nuapada, Odisha, India

Payra, A., S.K. Dash, G. Udgata, N.N. Pati, R.K. Mishra, H.K. Sahu and B.K. Patra


The first faunistic record of Dragonflies and damselflies (Odonata) in Sunabeda Wildlife Sanctuaryis presented here. 8 days of opportunistic sampling and photo documentation were conducted, in selected areas of SWLS during March2016. The present inventory yielded a total of 38 species (26 species of Dragonflies and 12 species of Damselflies) of Odonates belonging to 29 genera and 6 families. Libelluidae, with 22 species was found to be dominated. Records of Agriocnemis kalinga Nair & Subramanian, 2015; Elattoneura nigerrima Laidlaw, 1917 and Gomphidia t-nigrum Selys, 1854 were significant as far as their distribution concerned.

KEYWORDS: Odonata, check list, species distribution, Sunabeda WLS, Eastern India.

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NeBIO 10(1): Payra et al