Research Article I NeBIO I Vol.10(1) 2019 I Pages 5-11

Biodiversity of macrofungi from Gorakhpur district, (U.P.), India

Pratima Vishwakarma and N.N. Tripathi


Macrofungi plays an important role in maintaining the biogeochemical cycle in nature and helps in recycling of matter. They can be use as food as well as in traditional medicine and thus they are considered one of the best forest products. In the present study survey of Gorkhpur district was done for collection and identification of macrofungi. Fruiting bodies of macrofungi were collected from different localities of Gorakhpur district between the years 2011-2014. In present study 24 species of macrofungi belonging to 14 genera of 7 families were identified. The most dominant family was Agaricaceae represented by 10 species. The present study confirms that this area is rich reservoir of macrofungi which can be use as food and medicine.

KEYWORDS: Macrofungi, diversity, Gorakhpur, wild, season, taxonomy.

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NeBIO 10(1): Vishwakarma & Tripathi