Research Article I NeBIO I Vol.10(1) 2019 I Pages 29-31

Aleuritopteris tamburii (Hook.) Ching (Pteridaceae): A new record to the fern flora of West Bengal, India

Norbu Sherpa and Lhamu Sherpa


An endangered fern species Aleuritopteris tamburii (Hook.) Ching is collected and reported from Darjeeling district of West Bengal. In India, the species was known previously from Arunachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Meghalaya and Sikkim.The present paper reports the presence of this species in West Bengal.

KEYWORDS: Cheilanthes, Aleuritopteris tamburii, Darjeeling, new record, West Bengal, Pteridaceae.

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NeBIO 10(1): Sherpa & Sherpa